Monday, January 11, 2010

MaLM - 2010

Make a list Monday

Well, hello again. We had a wonderful holiday, but I'm glad it is January. I took down the last remaining holiday decor this weekend, and I'm so glad to see my house again! It's inspired me to change things up a bit. I'm planning on moving and shaking up all my house decor and put it all in a new place. With no new purchases required, I'm redoing my whole house! Now I just need the energy to do it. But first the laundry...

So here is my first list of the new year.

What I am going to attempt to accomplish this year.

1. I am going to strive for more balance this year, balance between children, husband, friends, cleaning, sleeping, learning and growing. I'm counting on prayer to help me figure the right balance out for me.

2. Spend more time outdoors (I'll wait until spring to start this one) I resolve to spend more time during the hot summer, and the unpredictable spring and summer out of doors, especially keeping up my yard.

3. Matt and I are resolving to get the kids tucked in at 8:00 for real, and ourselves put to bed by 10. We are working hard at this, and our kids are working hard against it. But we are decided. I'll let you know ;)

4. Our continuing goal is to have a date every week. Last year I kept a date journal for Matt detailing all our dates. I surprised him with it for Christmas. So I happen to know that we had 51 dates last year! That includes dates out, dates in, temple trips, double dates, overnighters, adult church meetings, concerts, plays, walks and more. Wow, I didn't think there would be that many because we certainly missed a few weeks, but having two some weeks really boosted us up. This goal is so important for our relationship and for our kids' well-being as well. This is a life long goal!

5. I resolve to get my hair cut at least 3 times this year!! I know, this may seem pathetic to so many of you, but I have such a hard time doing it. I either have to get a babysitter, or have Matt work from home, schedule it way out, blah, blah, blah.

6. I resolve to NOT be a room mom next year. I'm just saying.

That's it for now. I always get more ideas, but these are all I'm committing to for now. How about you? What is your new years goal?


LuckyMatt said...

Wow, 51 dates is a lot. No wonder I'm so smitten by you!

Lindsay said...

I love your idea of a date journal. I think I'll copy.

I need to resolve to get my hair cut more frequently also. Seriously, its been on my to-do list for so long!