Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lake House Anyone?

Would anyone else like a beautiful lake house with beautiful cedar siding? If you could choose, where would you put your house? By a mountain, by a lake or ocean, in the desert or on the plains, or does it not matter as long as you are in the big city (or near it)? Just wondering.


Shell said...

That lake house reminds me of the lake houses in WI. I want a lake by my house, and mountains in the background would be a plus. If it was to be my year round house, It would be nice if it was 20 min from a good sized city with some basic necessities for food, clothes shopping and eating out. If It was a "summer house/cabin" I would like it to be around 45 min away from my real house.

Shelly said...

Oh, isn't that gorgeous!! Wow, that "Shell" up there sure has similar tastes to me. I have pretty much the same dreams except, mountains are a must!

Luell said...

I'll take a lake house in Montana, and maybe a beach front house too???