Monday, September 6, 2010

MaLM - Labor Day

Make a List Monday - How to celebrate Labor day with a newborn

1. Take a pass on the early morning hike with family in favor of sleeping in until 9:45!
2. Eat homemade crepes with vanilla yogurt and warm, fresh peaches from your own tree.
3. Run to the mall to take advantage of a few Labor Day sales.
4. Play games with your sweet kids, bonus if you win ;)
5. Plant a few flowers to brighten your new(-ish) flower bed.
6. Have a delicious grilled chicken with all the trimmings dinner followed by a homemade blackberry shake.
7. Play Horse (it has been a while and my basketball was a little rusty), and Catch Phrase (one of our favorite, easy and fun family games) and chat until bedtime.
8. Be grateful for so much happiness and so many blessings.