Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hee Haw's Pumpkin Patch

Do you go to a pumpkin patch in the fall? We like to go to a local farm turned destination pumpkin patch. I like it because it still feels like an old farm, a little dirty, a few old junky pieces of machinery around (a perfect "Mater") and lots of stuff just thrown around.

We rode the animal train.

We rode the trick-or-treat hay ride.

We picked a few sweet pumpkins for our Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. (Check out last year's here.)
We played on the grain sack slide.

And a few of us tried the corn maze, well, we all started, and a few of us (the ones prone to fits of tears, which may or may not include me) went back to the van to eat our spoils.


Shell said...

Ahh, we totally missed going with you this year! I can't believe all the things you're doing with a baby, and six children. You are amazing. I have a friend with six kids and she said it was crazy too. My Grandma had 10 kids, 8 of them BOYS. Just think the older they get the more they can help and you'll have a great life of ease and prosperity. (Ha hahaha)

chelse said...

that looks totally fun. And ps you look really good! hottie with a naughty body!