Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Starting school

My kids are all liking school this year. This was their first day. Dawn is in 5th grade, Rachel in 4th (don't you like how they wanted to match their first day:) and Scott is in 3rd. He has a teacher who plays guitar and sings and moves a lot. Scott loves him! His favorite song so far? I am My Own Grandpa (if you haven't heard it, google it. It's great!)

Andrew also started preschool, though I don't have a picture of him. He is loving it also, learning his letters, and making new friends. We've been on two sweet field trips, one to the fire station where we got to go here...

(The full 200 feet up!)

And one to the pumpkin patch where he and Charity both picked out a sweet pumpkin.

Charity is even going to a (structured) play group once a week.

So, we are busy learning. I know because each night we around the dinner table we've been telling what we learned. This can be enlightening, interesting or funny. I've been learning about 7 wonderful people and how much I love them! And how not to cry each night when I didn't get to the laundry AGAIN! Ahhh!