Thursday, November 29, 2007

How Thanksgiving unfolds at my Mom's

All you need is a tripod and a trusty introvolometer on your camera to take a nice sequence of pictures of your Thanksgiving feast. Okay, it helps to have a good cooking mother, funny relatives (aka sister), a big table, lots of food, extra food and a great family!

Feast your eyes on this:
Before we expand our waists, we expand the table.

Then Mom brings in the plates.

I add the glasses

and silverware.

The cheese and olives appear, don't worry, the pickles are coming soon. This is an absolute set-in-stone tradition ala Grandma Jane.

Matt brings in the ice.

Salads and stuffing start arriving.

Chelse finally makes an appearance in the preparations. She is dressed in a lovely vintage Thanksgiving skirt ala Aunt Shauna.

And here is Aunt Shauna herself with the rolls.

Everyone is sitting down and the camera decides to click during our blessing. But just check out Chelse! She has her eyes open and is flirting with little Boden! What a heathen.

Dish it up folks!

I'm still dishing. Everyone else is eating.

Finally sitting.

And enjoying it.

Most everyone is done and gone now. But I'm still sitting and avoiding dishes. What a naughty girl.

And the clean up begins.

Note to self - next year put camera up higher so we can see someone besides me and Michael's back.

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Anonymous said...

ha ha i love it brooke! and just a little fyi i totally helped with setting the table and i'm pretty sure i'm the one who put the cheese and pickles on the table, i can't help it if i'm super stealthy and knew when the camera was going so i could hide! anyways, didn't i loot smoken in that sweet skirt?
love chels