Monday, November 19, 2007

Make a list Monday (MaLM) - Thanksgiving

What else could I list today but . . .
What I'm Thankful for

1. my people (family, friends, neighbors, mail person, you know, all of them)
2. church
3. my sweet yellow house
4. warmth inside
5. baby inside
6. traditions
7. plumbing
8. electricity
9. beaches
10. a great job - motherhood
11. another great job - Matt's
12. freedom
13. books
14. romance
15. education
16. modern medicine
17. miracles
18. sweet notes
19. dates
20. babysitters
21. Christmas
22. contacts
23. my van
24. telephones
25. understanding
26. forgiveness
27. parents
28. flowers
29. the sun and all its spots!

One for each year of my wonderful life so far, each of which I am thankful for.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget that we are all thankful for YOU!

PM said...

I second the previous comment. I am very thankful for a wonderful sister like you.

Shell said...

I love your blog! You are so good at it. I'm grateful for friends who keep on being friends. I'm also gratefull for forgiveness. I hope it never runs out.

Shell said...

Oops. Take off an "l" on that grateful.