Monday, November 12, 2007

MALM- The busier week

Which week will be busier, last week or this week?

Last week
1. One doctor's appointment for a ear infection
2. A crafting visit with Rochelle
3. Voting
4. Primary meeting at my house
5. Elders Quorum meeting at my house
6. Book club
7. 2 kids home sick 3 days
8. A BYU football game
9. Elders Quorum party at my house
10. Primary activity for 150 kids
11. Dinner party with games
12. Christmas shopping
13. Putting up Christmas lights
14. All the regular shopping, laundry, parenting etc.
15. Flu shots for adults
16. Flu shots for 2 of four kids (the healthy ones)
17. Coat shopping for kids

This week
1. Singing in church at family's ward
2. Primary teacher interviews
3. Stake Priesthood meeting
4. Doctor's appointment for pink eye
5. Haircut
6. Babysit cousins for one night
7. Babysit other cousin for a few hours
8. Primary meeting at my house
9. Elders Quorum meeting at my house
10. Dinner for neighbor
11. Surgery for Scott
12. Relief Society Enrichment
13. Friends over for dinner
14. Appointment with attorney
15. Cannery assignment
16. Play at Hale Center Theater

It appears to be a toss up.


Mad Hadder said...

Hi Brooke,
You need an assistant! My good grief! Hey, you've hooked me on Pioneer Woman and unfortunately, I've infected a few other! Thanks for your great blog. I drop in now and again. Marilyn Taggart Hadd

Lola said...

You are a busy, busy girl!