Monday, August 18, 2008

MaLM - Fish names

As if we didn't have enough mouths to feed at home, Matt brought us home 13 more, 12 gold fish and one Betta. Despite my initial denial, I really am enjoying them. Actually, I'm a little upset with our Betta (female=not so aggressive?) who seems to be taking a few bites out of our goldfish. In the spirit of love and acceptance, we have been naming some. So this week's Make a List Monday is

Good fish names we have used
1. Stripe (named by our kids) I secretly call her Mesa, short for checkerboard Mesa
2. Slip - small and mostly white
3. Opal - large, pearly, pretty with a chuck out of her tail.
And ones we haven't used yet
4. Whisper
5. Luther
6. Feather
7. Michael Phelps

What would you name your fish?


Laura said...

I once had a Betta fish named Little Lamb. It's a long story.

Shell said...

our pets names run on similar lines whether it be snake, frog or lizard. Speedy and T-Rex, (so named after it's fanatical biting tendencies) but currently our fish doesn't have a name. I think we call it fish, but my girls come up with some different ones now and again. We didn't think it would live very long, it is one of eight. It is even now living in its filthy tank, wishing for food. I guess I'll give him some.

chelse said...

gwar is the name of my future fish for sure. or maybe phish bc that band is pretty sweet. but pretty sure GWar is the best