Thursday, August 28, 2008

My picture mosaic

Okay, I finally did one. Here I am.

1. Brooke at Sunset, 2. linguine pesto, 3. Willow Lake Sunrise, 4. Sunny Side Up, 5. the bb, 6. lemonade, 7. Sailing Holidays, 8. cookie monster, 9. For Marlene, 10. bless from above, 11. Carse of Gowrie - Hazy Scottish View, 12. On A Perfect Day, Everything That Matters In Life Can Fit Into A Single Frame


Alisa said...

I love this, Brooke. You found great photos of these things about you. I didn't know your celebrity crush was Cookie Monster.

Brooke said...

Hah! I honestly thought for a long time and couldn't think of a celebrity crush, so I entered "I don't have one." Lame, I know, but that's me. I think my questions that I found were a little different than yours, I realized when I looked at yours again. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out.

LuckyMatt said...

Darn, I thought you were going to say that the overall body shape, hygiene habits, manners, and verbal ability of Cookie Monster reminded you of your Main Squeeze hubby. I suppose I should be happy with "I don't have one" as well.