Monday, August 4, 2008

MaLM - US Tour

Matt and I recently pondered what cities we'd like to visit in our good old US of A, cities we'd like to get a feel for their pulse. I think it would be great to spend a day or two in so many places just to get a good "feel" for them. Here are just a few.

1. Portland
2. Seattle
3. San Fransisco
4. San Diego
5. Boise
6. Phoenix
7. Houston
8. Dallas
9. Denver
10. Billings
11. Omaha
12. New Orleans
13. Miami
14. Atlanta
15. Boston
16. Detroit
17. Nashville
18. Charleston
19. Dollywood
20. Richmond
21. Washington D.C
22. Philadelphia
23. New York
24. Minneapolis
25. Milwaukee
26. Kenneunkport
27. Baltimore
28. Chicago
29. Anchorage
30. Waimea, Laie, Kaunakakai, Lahaina, Hana, Honolulu all need very thorough research

What cities would you like to get to know? Or what cities do you know and love that I'm missing?


Taryn and Cameron said...

Hey, do you remember me? You used to babysit me, clear back in the day. Oh, my mom in Jolyn Knutti, Taryn Knutti, any of this ringing a bell? Well, anyway, I just found you wandering around and thought I would say hi. I hope everything is going really great in your life and family. I can't believe you have five kids, that is awesome!

Laura said...

When you eventually make it over to Minneapolis, you have to eat at a little sandwich shop called Milio's. Oh my goodness! My mouth waters at the mere thought of the place! I lived about 50 miles from "the cities" and got to visit often. I only lament that we never made it to Mall of America. Such a shame!

San Francisco: Alcatraz is a must, as is riding the trolley and Giradelli Square. Neptune's Palace is an expensive, but absolutely delicious place to eat.

As for my list of where I'd like to visit someday, San Diego and NYC are probably at the top. I'd love to visit Alaska, but I don't have a particular city in mind.

I hope you make it to all the cities on your list and many more!

Shell said...

Okay brooke, why Omaha? I've personally lived in Milwaukee and it's not much to just visit. Chicago would be worth it. New Orleans is not worth it right now. In fact it might never be, but defiantly not now, unless of course you just want to see how destroyed it is. My favorite major city in Texas was San Antonio, the river walk is really fun, and Sea world is a blast.

mike said...

I have been to every city on your list except Anchorage, Portland, keunkurpunkor (or whatever - I've never even heard of this one), and Billings. You should add Estes Park CO, Roanoke VA, Asheville NC, Truth or Consequences NM, and Ogalalla Nebraska (home of the infamous "stinky butt place" - Truth or Consequences is near a second tier stinky butt place). Some of those cities were brief drive through experiences or even airport layovers, so I have only truly experienced a few of them.

Seriously though, cities I would like to visit include Anchorage AK, Fairbanks AK, Vail CO, Brekenridge CO, Portland OR, Cor De Laine ID,

You also must really want to visit Omaha because you listed it twice. One friend of mine described Omaha as "The most hatin' life city I have ever been to"

Mom said...

What's wrong with Omaha? After all, it is the birthplace of someone near and dear:). I lived there for the first 4 years of my life. The only thing worth seeing is the Winter Quarters Temple and cemetary. Great list!

Lrissa said...

Hawaii :0)

Kisses, from Brasil

Julie said...

I think you need to visit Rapid City, SD. That's where Mt. Rushmore is. And don't forget to stop at good old Wall, SD! It's close to Devils Tower, which is the huge rock on the WY license plates. That's way awesome. You can even climb it if you dare!

And NC is gorgeous, especially in the fall.

What about St. Louis? :)

Kevin said...

I'd add Flagstaff and Santa Fe.

Laura said...

Mike said Estes Park, CO, and I must second that. I was there just a few weeks ago for my family's reunion. Beautiful and so much fun! There's tons to do there.