Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brooke and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!

Last Sunday for us Utahans and this coming Sunday for everyone else (no snide comment inserted) I was/will be on Music and the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Fortunately, I wasn't music-ing or spoken word-ing. I was just the model for the painting shown during the spoken word part. Fancy.

My friend Amy does many of the paintings for Music and the Spoken Word. You can see some of her work on Amy's Art.

Below I've included the good word that accompanied my sweet mug.

"In today’s world of mass production, handmade items are more meaningful than ever. Beyond being well-crafted, original workmanship, they can be manifestations of love, personal evidence of our care and concern.

"Think how heartwarming original drawings and less-than-perfect handwriting on a homemade card can be. Smell rolls fresh out of the oven, rather than in packages that preserve their shelf life; feel the warmth of a quilt that’s been pieced together one square at a time, hour after hour, day by day; touch the smooth finish on a handmade toy car, and you feel a connection with the person who made it. In every stitch, in every cut, in every shaping of such handiwork, is a little bit of its creator.

"A newly married woman found extra meaning in a handmade wedding gift, a blanket that had been crocheted by her elderly friend.

"Fingering the loops of yarn, the bride counted 108 blue and white squares and smiled at the thought of her friend resting the blanket across her feeble knees as she crocheted. The blanket was more than a warm covering to the young woman; it was a tangible reminder of her friend’s love.

"Whether a hand-sewn blanket or a handwritten note, such homemade items are filled with the human touch. Their mass-produced counterparts, though sometimes just as beautiful, don’t represent the same kind of time, effort, and care. Just as “the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament [showeth] his handywork,” our creations can tell of our love for those most dear to us. Sometimes, generations later, a family member or friend might still enjoy the work of our hands and think of the person who cared enough to make it."

Well, what do you think? Can I pass for a newly married woman with my 5 child body? Probably not in real life, but in the wonderful world of artistic impression and really good imagination, maybe.


Mom said...

Brooke, you are beautiful and famous, too! Way to go!

Alisa said...

Beautiful. This is so awesome. Props to Amy who always does a beautiful job.

Amy said...

Brooke, I wouldn't have chosen you as a model if I didn't think you still look like a young beautiful newlywed. Do you like how it turned out? Thanks so much for modeling!! I'll be getting you a small copy of your painting in print soon, as a thank you card :)

Julie said...

Brooke! It looks amazing! I think Amy does a wonderful job, I always have loved her paintings.

Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

that is awesome! I want a copy!


Anonymous said...

That looks great! She did an awesome job!

Jenny and Al said...

You look gorgeous! Amy did a great job.

Amanda said...

Beautiful Picture! YEA for you!

chelse said...

wooo whooo your totally famous!