Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Front yard landscaping

I've been trying to plan a front yard landscape for a long time. I just can't decide what to do. Matt wants to be clear that if I make a bunch of big flower beds (against his better judgement) that I'll be weeding them. (Truthfully, he'll help if I ask I think, but I do most of that.)

I drove around and snapped some pictures to study. I decided to go to a more expensive neighborhood after driving around mine and seeing that there wasn't much creative, well, nice-looking creative going on. I figured maybe there were more professionally designed yards in the higher end market.

So here they are. If you wouldn't mind, leave a comment about which one you like best and why. I'm curious to see which ones you like. Thanks. Keep in mind that some of these are obviosly new lanscapes and will grow in some day (the main drawback of newer areas).


Shell said...

I really like 1 and 5. I like the flowers and with the style of the house it looks very elegant. It has a good mix of bushes and flowers. However, I have a yard with lots of flower beds, and it is way too overwhelming. I'm not a yard doer lover of weeding, so it just might be my personality, but think about how much time you have now, and how much more you'd be willing to spend making your flower beds look nice, because it takes a LOT of work!

Brooke said...

I actually disagree. Once you get your flowerbeds really planted and full, it doesn't take much time to weed, because the plants crowd out the weeds. If you like the kind of landscaping where a lot of dirt/bark shows, that may be different.

Weatherspoon Family said...

It's a hard choice, but I like the first one the best because of all the color. In Florida and Georgia it is the trend to have a lot of color in the yards, so I've taken to it. Color just makes me happy. Kids love weeding - at least my daughter does!!

Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

I like 1 and 6. Like Kendra, I like the color. I'm not big with tons of trees. I like trees but not so much that I can't have my kids play football outside. :)

As for weeding...I think it's good to teach our kids how to work outside. it gives them something to do during the summer besides play inside. When we were home in BL for the summer, my kids weeded, picked peas, beans, strawberries, and raspberries. Bella loves the "earth". Robbie said, "I don't want to live on a farm. It's a lot of work." A lot of kids do not know what work is. :)

After you get yours all done, come over to our house in 3-5 years when we are back in UT, and you can help me. I do not know much. My mom was trying to teach me this summer.

LuckyMatt said...

I love our front flowerbed that is full and never needs weeding, but I still have nightmares from our old house, similar to what Shell described--neverending work that took up all of my free time. So if you'll weed them, or better yet, make it so that they don't need weeding, that's great!

Lindsay said...

I liked 1 and 7 (those steps were beautiful). I of course would go with whatever requires the lowest maintenance. Landscaping is obviously not my forte.

PM said...

I pick the first one. I like the nice pop of color. I don't really like the flower beds that line the whole side walk so #1 is my favorite. Good Luck!