Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids make you rich

This morning at breakfast. . .

Scott: "Mom, do you want to be rich?"

"Oh, yeah, totally."

"What if I gave you all my money?"

"I don't think that would make me rich."

"No, if all your kids gave you all our money."

"That still wouldn't make me rich."

"What if you had 90 kids?"

"Oh, then I'd definitely be rich!"

"NO, a hundred, a thousand!"

Actually sweetie, just having you makes me rich beyond belief.


Mom said...

Your last comment is so true. You are rich beyond measure.

Amy said...

Sometimes when I'm telling the kids that we can't have certain things at the grocery store because they're too expensive, they sweetly say, "I could buy it for you Mommy with my money. I have enough for that!" Children are so generous! Not quite wise with their spending habits, but generous.

LuckyMatt said...

I love it!

AMBER said...

That is so sweet!! :) Kids are GREAT!

chelse said...

one scott makes you rich 90, 100, or 1000 scotts makes you crazy!!!