Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Howies Rootbeer Reigns as Champ

This summer our very discerning family did a blind root beer study. We compared 5 brands of root beer and ranked them.

The contestants were:

Howeies, a locally made and distributed root beer.
IBC (from a bottle)

We were going to include homemade, but we ran out of pep and time amidst all the fun.

And the big winner was. . .


Howies had a great smooth vanilla flavor. A&W was a close second, followed by Shasta, IBC and Barqs in last place. No one really liked the Barqs; it was the most bitter. We were also surprised by the low placement of IBC which some favored before the test.

Of course any root beer is improved with a big scoop of ice cream in it, so have one for me today.


Julie said...

I keep looking for Howie's but I haven't seen it anywhere out this way! That was fun!

chelse said...

that's why your my favorite sister... but don't tell anyone else

Amy said...

I agree with your placement mostly. I only have to ask, were you testing them from a bottle, a can, or from the restaurant? A&W draft rootbeer, the kind you buy at the restaurant in half-gallon jugs, is WAAY better than the stuff you buy at a store.