Monday, October 13, 2008

Andrew at three

Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food: pizza
Favorite animal: horse and buffalo
Favorite truck: dump truck
Favorite thing to play: Zooloretto
Favorite toy: horse and buffalo
Favorite movie: Duma (the cheetah one)
Favorite shoes: Lightning McQueen shoes
Favorite day: trash day
Favorite place to go: to the store with Mom
Favorite fish: Sasha
Favorite treat: suckers
Favorite place to put your hands: in your mouth
Favorite book: Green Eggs and Ham and the ladybug book
Favorite dinosaur: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Favorite scripture story: "keep the commandments"
Favorite part of church: singing ("Hallelujah")
"I like the dinosaur museum"

Andrew is a charmer, people just seem to be smitten by him. I think it is his coy little smile and flirty looks. He certainly has us all mesmerized.

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