Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My meal planning just not working

A couple weeks ago I posted a new meal planning schedule. Well, it's not working. I don't think I've done it once.

Here are the problems.
1. Too many of my regular recipes didn't fit into the categories.
2. Too much Mexican food.
3. Matt's night doesn't work on Tuesday.
4. I don't plan it well.

So here is the new plan.
Sunday - nothing
Monday - crock pot or soup (still works well)
Tuesday - Italian or Mexican
Wednesday - Chicken meal (or other meat)
Thursday - Matt's night
Friday - Date night
Saturday - leftovers, grill or something cheesy (always an easy out for our family, cheese sandwiches, tortillas, super nachos etc.).

As for the planning trouble, I'll just have to work on that. Hopefully this will go better. Have any of you been using a schedule? Has it been helping?

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Jenn said...

I've been reading your blog off and on lately. Your idea for a "themed" night for meals make sense to me. Personally, I plan my meals for an entire month. Usually we have the meals I have scheduled on the day I have planned, but sometimes we have to change it just because of schedules....but if I do change it, at least I know I have everything I need for a different meal because I've shopped for the meal ahead of time. I started a new blog at the first of the month to post my recipes for the month...you're welcome to check it out. Thanks for your posts...they're fun to read!