Friday, October 24, 2008

My Job at Arches

Last weekend we joined Matt's parents and brother's family at Arches for the yearly tribute to sandstone. We camped at Arches in the Devil's Garden Campground. During one hike, we stopped to eat lunch. We found a fairly level area that was big enough for all 14 of us to sit down, and the kids to walk around and get out the hiking blahs. It was a relatively safe area, i.e. there were no cliffs within 15 feet or so.

As we ate, I repeatedly would say to Matt (who was sitting close to the edge) "Andrew's coming over there" or "watch Andrew" or "could you hold onto him?". Matt repeatedly would oblige, but would say "It really isn't that scary" or "it isn't that steep".
Mike and Shell at our lunch site

In a moment of exasperation, I firmly told Matt "It is my job to keep the kids from falling off a cliff and dying." He laughed and agreed, more or less.

The kids all came home safe (with a few new scabs and bruises, mostly obtained in our own campground). They all had a lovely time. Dawn even voiced the opinion that she wished we could live in Arches.

My nerves also came home intact. I've accepted my job as safety monitor. It's natural, and I like it. And Matt can focus on his job, to make sure the kids have a wonderful time, learn to love hiking (especially among sandstone fins) and to ruin their clothes.

Balance in marriage is a wonderful thing.

The Pajama Snot Gang

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LuckyMatt said...

I believe you said something about not wanting Andrew to become a "cliff ornament."

Julie M. said...

Looks like fun! I'm glad you're the "cliff nazi"! :)

Shell said...

excellent pictures of the pants!

Luell said...

This looks so fun. I guess we need to go there. I've been to Arches. We should plan a trip together.