Thursday, August 2, 2007

In the name of human progress

My smart mother enlightened me a few weeks back. Remember when I was off playing in the salty water and soft sands of Hawaii? Well, she was back home bringing me into the 21st century. She bought me a new mop.

Yes, a new mop. I am a liberated house cleaner. You have no idea what new ideas, great innovations that the mopping world has developed in the last 9 years. I had a very trusty mop. You could change out the spongy part, although I sheepishly admit that I never have. It had a little blue scrubber strip on one side that was really ineffective and useless. To squeeze the water out of the sponge you merely folded down the little lever and squoze all the dirty water out of the sponge, onto your hand. Whenever I used the thing I would think to myself that some smart floor cleaner ought to come up with something better than this piece of hooey.

And they did! My new mop is space age! The sponge is rounded, a feature that I still don't understand the genius of yet. To squeeze it out, you just pull a handy lever that is no where near the dirty water. And it has a bonafide, handy-dandy real scrubber thing that really works! I love it. I'm still not going to mop a lot, but I love it!

Well, after my brilliant mother made such a difference with my mop, she suggested that my broom also needed to be brought into this decade. What could I do but believe her? I tell you, I believed her. So I bought a new broom, a cute Michael Graves one from Target. I like it. It wasn't quite the quantum leap the mop was, but still an improvement.

So thank you Mom. You have made the world a little better, the floor a little cleaner, and the Swiffer a little more rested! We all love you, the floor, the Swiffer and me.

Out with the old, in with the new!

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Glenda said...

Brooke, Glad you like the mop. I like a broom from Sams, and a dust pan that hooks onto the handle. And, this sounds crazy I know, but I hant my broom so the bristles don't get bent and it still gets into corners, etc. Imagine that!

PS. Good luck with your CA trip.