Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Just want my kids to go to church

If I were to send my cute little boy to church in pants that were a little too short and a polo shirt with a large stain down the front and shoes that were really just brown everyday shoes, what would you think? Would you point and whisper? Or just laugh? And what if I did it for weeks on end, like 4?

Well, wonder no more. I have found church pants, shoes and still no shirt. Finally at Gap I found kacki's and shoes at Target. Where in the world do you find little boy church clothes? The only time I can find them is at Christmas time when all the country pledges to warm a pew at least once before the year ends. (That sounded negative didn't it. I didn't mean it.) Please share your wisdom. My little boy's love and piety is not at all at risk, but mine may be.


Lindsay said...

Slade and Nathan wear mostly polos and button up shirts and the occasional sweater vest. I have decided not to torture them yet with church shirts and ties. I get them wherever I see a cute one on sale--Walmart, Target, Gymboree. But don't fret about Scott's clothes. I am sure no one even noticed. Except you.

Did you read Eclipse yet?

PM said...

I like find the best church clothes at gap, and you can usually get them on sale if we watch good enough. The best are the church shirts made into onesies so they never come untucked.