Monday, August 20, 2007

Make a list Monday, Things I loved about Eclipse

Spoiler alert, of course.

1. Edward is moral, worried about his soul and Bella's
2. Bella is so in love, she is blinded to problems and obstacles (in a good way)
3. Jacob never stops loving Bella
4. Bella loves two people who both love her
5. Bella realizes that she will be happiest if those she loves are happy
6. Bella's mom knows
7. Bella's engaged, even though she knows the dreads the stigma of a young bride
8. Bella has some girl time
9. lots of kissing! ha ha
10. the gangs work it out, kind of
11. Jacob and Edwards' little truce, united over love, a love that forever divides them
12. Edward's note to Jacob
13. Edward willing to do anything to be human for Bella (could it happen)
14. Edward's anxiety over killing the ferocious vampire longing for Bella's life in front of Bella
15. Bella's happiness, Edward's devotion, Love sweet love!


PM said...

So I take it you liked it! I didn't like how it all ended. I wanted a really happy ending seeing as we have to wait a year to read on.
You listed everything you liked so I am going to tell you a few things I didn't like. . .
1- Edward should stand up for himself a little more. After Bella kissed Jacob he was totally calm about the whole thing. No matter how much he loves Bella it had to hurt him. I was glad he didn't get really mad but a little negative emotion wouldn't have hurt.
2- Poor, poor Jacob. . .his aching heart makes my heart ache. There better be a happy ending for Jacob out there.
That is all I can think of right now. Truthfully the 3rd book, other than the way it ended, was probably my favorite of the 3.

Laura said...

Okay, so reading what you and Paige have written about these books really makes me want to read them (after I finish Harry Potter, of course. I know I'm way behind.)

Will you please tell me the names of the first two books again? I'm eager to get started!

Brooke said...

The first book is Twilight, the second New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I definitely recommend them with the full knowledge that they are young adult fiction, not deeply ponderous and fabulously entertaining, at least for me!

Lindsay said...

Eclipse was by far my favorite of the three. I really liked it. I totally understood her agony over being Edward's Bella or Jacob's Bella. I have experienced that before (on a smaller scale). Different versions of you with two different and equally wonderful people. I also agree with the previous poster about Edward needing to stand up for himself a little more. Fight for her, Edward!

Laura said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I like reading young adult fiction. It allows me to read while keeping half of my mind and one of my eyes on what my two little ones are doing.

Brooke said...

Good luck with that. With these books it's more like child neglect, at least for me :)