Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Tradition #1 - Putting up the tree

Tradition #1 Put up a live Christmas tree from Idaho (preferably a shot down one, but that is a story for another day).
Matt puts on the very technical lights, wrapping each branch with its own loving glow.

Andrew will supervise for now.

First the balls (red and silver) go on.

Matt puts on the topper. We have no real traditions for the top of our tree. For the first couple of years we used a silver an gold shiny ball made of wiry star tinsel stuff. Then we used a star fish for several years. This is our first year to use the sparkly snowflake.

Scott helps.

Someone has to decorate the top.

Dawn gets a little tired.

Still going strong.

Keep at it.

Rachel begins to poop out.

Clean up begins.


We're kind of in love with our intravolometer; can you tell?


Julie M. said...

Looks gorgeous! I love that snowflake. I'll have to enjoy yours, because we don't have one this year!!

Mommy C said...

Almost like being there with your sweet family.

Lola said...

Is the intravolometer what you used to do the Thanksgiving pictures at your mom's?

Both sets are really neat. Your tree turned out beautiful. I also really love that snowflake.