Friday, December 14, 2007

Tradition #11 - Be Crazy

Tradition #11 - Crazily try to get everything done

Dear Mom,

No, don't worry about sending the tickets for Sunday. No one needs them. And no, I haven't been out to look for boots are you kidding? Yesterday Julie left about noon when I went to lunch with my VT friend for her birthday, got home just in time to have our garage door repaired, had Dawn babysit and felt enormous guilt leaving her to run to the post office to mail Julie her wallet she left (I didn't want to wake Andrew up), then clean up the house a little, receive the cousins for a night of babysitting at 6:00, Matt returned from work at 6:30 and I ran to Enrichment, when it ended I stayed at the church to do Primary work until 9:00 when I cam home to utter chaos. We got kids to bed then Mike and Rochelle returned and we did a little work before falling into bed.

Two days ago, I showered at 9:15 for my Primary meeting at 9:30 which lasted until 11 when I jumped into the van to pick up Julie. We got home and visited, no shopping. Oh, and I forgot that Rachel came home sick from school among all this.

Tuesday, I have no idea what I did at this point. It's that bad. Oh, wait, Rochelle and Janice invited me to come to Gardener Village but I declined to stay home and clean up for Julie, and clean a few pairs of underwear for my kids (about 9 loads actually). From about lunch until dinner I was on the computer doing Primary stuff. After dinner we cleaned bathrooms and on and on.

Monday we did some shopping I think, maybe just laundry. But that night for FHE we went and visited Matt's Grandma Curtis. It was a really good thing to do.

Ha, you weren't asking for all that were you. But I just thought I'd share! I love you and this crazy family. Thanks for having me in your crazy family!
See you in 11 days. ;-)
Love, Brooke

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