Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tradition # 12 - Give Christmas tree tours

Our current family

Tradition #12 - Give Christmas tree tours to any poor soul who asks about our tree and ornaments

You did ask, didn't you?

Our tree is a walk down memory lane for us. When we go somewhere, do something or experience something new, we buy a Christmas tree ornament to commemorate it. We find it really cuts down on souvenirs. And putting up the tree is so fun and memorable.

So take a seat and please keep all hands and feet inside at all times. We'll start our tour with our new ornaments. We brought back two from Hawaii,

one from Maui

one from the Polynesian Cultural Center

a homemade ornament painted by Scott at preschool.

and an inherited bird from my Matthews Grandparents.

We have ornaments from vacations (Newport Beach, CA)

another Newport one.

a business trip to Africa

Our girls' first experience going to the Nutcracker

a nativity from Jerusalem

My very own list making Santa (not the naughty and nice list)

A time capsule

Because we like singing around here (plus for Matt's stint in the Tab Choir) This is his favorite.

When we moved into our current home

From graduating from that great institution

We have lots of kid theme or made ornaments. Dawn made this last year.

Celebrating Rachel's birth (I love this one and the next, both made by the same talented person I don't know)

Scott's birth

Andrew's birth

There are lots and lots more, just come on over and ask, or don't and pretend you did. Thanks for enjoying the show, and please deposit all garbage in the trash can on the way out.

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Lola said...

The Jerusalem nativity and the one from Rachel's birth are my two favorites. What a great idea to buy ornaments instead of souvenirs. Thanks for the Christmas tree tour.