Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tradition #13 - Parties

Tradition #13 - Attend several Christmas parties, at least one church and a one work party.

This tradition all joined together this weekend with the Generations Network party on Friday in Midway at the Zermott Resort and our ward Christmas party on Saturday at the lovely Stake church building gym. Both were totally fun, though completely different in every way.

Friday we headed off for a night of celebrating at Matt's work party. It was held at a charming "Swiss" resort in Midway, Utah. There was a great buffet, a fun band, a hilarious magician and a comedian we never made it to. There were also some games with prizes. We ended up winning two $25 gift certificates, one to Best Buy and one to iTunes. We also got a 1 gig thumb drive. We failed to win the cruise or huge tv, but it was certainly charming and fun.

As we started our drive earlier in the afternoon, the roads were wet and just rain was falling. But by the time we got to Midway, it was big fluffy snowflakes falling. All night long the snow fell outside the windows while we partied. It made for the perfect holiday atmosphere.

But the real treat was the "surprise" Christmas gift from Matt - a night at the resort sans kids. (Thanks a million Mike and Rochelle!) We didn't have to worry about the roads, so all we did was love it! We had a lovely room with a gorgeous view up into the mountains. Here it is the next morning.

Matt with our gelato snack and key lime tart from the bakery in front of the hotel.

After a lovely night of holiday joy, quiet and a great LONG night's sleep, a delicious room service breakfast of brie stuffed french toast with panceta and Matt's fancy omlet of some kind, we checked out of our holiday room of love.

We decided to drive around Midway for a few minutes at least. Everything is very Swiss looking, or so I suppose having never actually been anywhere near Europe. Even the LDS chapel there was adorable.

Our drive home was safe and beautiful with all the new snow (at least 5 inches). This is just one happy view on our drive home.

It is hard to explain the happiness of the day. It just felt so perfect and happy. By far my best Christmas present!

The next night was our ward party. It was full of kids and potluck food and so many good friends. After eating, we had a program full of beautiful music (one which Matt sang in) and a great Nativity with all 160 of the Primary kids as either a shepherd or angel or if you were lucky (Sunbeams) a lamb. I didn't get great pictures, but here are a few highlights.


Lola said...

What a sweet husband! Glad you got to do something fun for Christmas. The pictures are gorgeous!

Mommy C said...

I'm sooo gald you had such a perfect night and day snowed in at Midway. Loved the pictures (especially of my grandchildren!)

Tamika said...

Oooo, the pond looks so nice for ice skating. What a beautiful scene.