Friday, December 7, 2007

Tradition #6 - Temple Square

Tradition #6 - Visit Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

We took our trip to see the lights at Temple Square. We had learned our lesson well and came properly attired--double layers for all and snow pants for Andrew. It wasn't windy or too cold, and we had a great time. One lesson we learned is fairly obvious. Do the most important things first. We started out with the nativity narration (good choice) and then thought we'd save the Christus statue and viewing of "The Nativity" for later when we needed to warm up (bad choice). By the end the kids were tired and a little cranky. We still did it all, we just ended up frustrated and upset a little. It is amazing how very quickly I have pushed that part out of my memory though.

Here we are on my favorite corner, the pink walk that used to be a lovely pink but now is a slightly-less lovely gold and orange. Still nice, but not wonderfully pink and happy.

Splashing in the reflecting pond, completely against Mom's better judgement.

Pretty temple lights.

Merry Christmas!

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Lola said...

Thanks for the lessons learned. We are taking a trip to SLC next weekend to see the lights on Temple Square. I'll keep in mind what you learned and apply it to my own trip. Hopefully it goes well.

Seeing your pictures makes me so excited to go!