Thursday, January 31, 2008

January goals

Okay, here is the rundown.

I have not exercised more than a handful of times. Excuses, excuses are piling up, including the one I carry around my middle. Oh well.

I have met two birthdays with on time celebrations.

I haven't been posting any spots of sun. My main problem is getting a picture taken, so I may try them picture-less. I'm thinking I should start a blessing journal. Matt has been writing in a journal lately per Elder Eyring's G.C. talk. Maybe he will inspire me.

My room is doing okay. I got rid of the 3 Primary boxes, 1 maternity box, piles and piles of stuff let over from the holidays, an old sewing table used as a cd player holder, and 2 old lamps. I got 2 new IKEA lamps, simple white curtains and one small bookcase. I did not paint the dresser yet, as you can see from this recent post.

Matt still has quite a pile we need to work on. Then I'll post some ending pictures.

That's it in a nutshell. So, on to February!

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