Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Repainting my "vintage" furniture

As part of my bedroom focus for January I want to paint my bedroom dresser. We received this dresser for a whopping free and was always going to paint it. The color kind of grew on me and seemed beachy. But the hardware never did and well, I think I was just fooling myself. So now the question is, what color and how to paint it.

I'm leaning toward white, maybe crackled, maybe rubbed. I do have a lot of color in my bedroom already, thus the white idea. But blue? or a sandy color? What do you think?

And while I'm at it, I am definitely going to paint this one as well. This is my dear husband's childhood dresser. It is not fine furniture, but it is our furniture. This one will definitely be a non-neutral color, probably blue.

Any bets on when I'll get around to it?

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shell said...

I bet you'll get to painting it sometime after the little baby gets born. If you want help, I'd be happy to help try with you :) I think you should paint your bedroom dresser white, and get silver something handles. It will look great!!