Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cedar Hills Real Estate

My friend, who's husband owns a mortgage business, told me that Cedar Hills was just tagged as a declining market--an area where prices are on the downward slide. Apparently this means that lenders won't give you mortgage insurance, thus forcing you to put 20% down.

Matt and I want to buy an investment property. We are trying to wait until the market bottoms out so we won't lose any equity. In an effort to do this, I am going to be posting a regular evaluation of what I find on the market in Cedar Hills.

3 bedroom 2 bathroom at least 2500 square feet, 2 car garage single family homes in Cedar Hills:


3 bed 3 bath upper CH, built 2007
3115 sq. ft. (1990 finished)
.07 acres
$260,000 ($83.5/sq. ft.)


3 bed/3 bath upper CH built 2007
3390 sq ft (2042 finished)
.07 acres
$260,000 ($76.7/sq.ft.)
Notes: no yard


4 bed/2.5 bath golf course CH built 2006
3017 sq ft (2148 finished)
.13 acres
$260,000 ($86.2/sq ft)


6bed/3.5 bath lower old CH built 1977
2673 sq ft (all finished)
.23 acres
$275.000 ($102.9/sq ft)


5 bed/3 bath lower CH built 1999
2668 sq ft (all finished)
.15 acres
$284,999 ($106.8/sq ft)


5 bed/2.75 bath my neighborhood CH built 2000
2564 sq ft (all finished)
.22 acres
$322,900 ($125.9/sq ft)


5 bed/3 bath my neighborhood CH built 1998
3079 sq ft (finished)
.29 acres
$365,900 ($118.8/sq ft)

Overall: Utah county 5141 for sale
CH 448 for sale


LuckyMatt said...

Interesting... it will be interesting to see what happens to the prices. With your tabs, maybe we'll figure out where that bottom is!

Shell said...

very interesting! I'm just sad I had to buy at the high point.

Anonymous said...

Ceder Hills? oh... So pretty area! :) I love it there!

Laura said...

Reading this post reaffirms my fear that we'll never be able to afford a house.

But these are really nice to look at.