Monday, May 12, 2008

MaLM - Mother's Day

Make a list Monday - (My) Mother's Day

Things that remind me about my mom

1. begonias
2. Christmas candles
3. bathing a new baby in the kitchen sink
4. new beach towels
5. new kitchen towels
6. lasagna
7. painting a room
8. geraniums
9. beautifully written, yet hard to read to do lists
10. peach-painted fingernails
11. Broadway musicals
12. indoor plants
13. warm chocolate chip cookies
14. people who care for and teach underprivileged kids
15. chocolate always available
16. Keds
17. Eskimo kisses
18. red
19. Rack-o
20. clean sinks
21. early morning walks on the beach
22. Parmesan chicken
23. electric blankets
24. Christmas Eve programs
25. clean sheets
26. house plants
27. Saturday morning chores

What reminds you of your mom?


PM said...

Giving, giving and more giving

chelse said...

that's a great list. totally reminds me of mom too!

Shell said...

picnics at the beach, camping, clover crowns and necklaces, being barefoot, cute purses, yellow finger nails and great food remind me of my mom :)

David and Shelly said...

I love you MaLM! I always look forward to them.
My Mom:
primary colors, hiking sticks, truly black hair, potato soup, beautifully knit sweaters, "water-in-the-face" (family game), 15 books stacked at the bedside, I could go on...

Brooke said...

Isn't it great to have a wonderful mom? Thanks for playing along.