Friday, May 9, 2008

White color

I am always drawn to white interiors with pretty oaks and fresh greenery. In real life, I need more color, but I think the white is so pretty!

I've been crazy enough to set me heart on white sofas. Is this a good idea with 5 children? Even if they have washable slipcovers?


PM said...

Yes, I think you are crazy!

Julie said...

You know our couches that aren't quite white, but cream? I HATE them. I despise them. They are ALWAYS filthy. And think of how often you change a crib sheet. Well at least, for me, it's not that often. I think a slip cover would be the same. So yes, I think you are crazy too!

Anonymous said...

I am like you- The white draws me in. I love it! I think they look so perfect and so amazing. They are beautiful... BUT, with 5 kids I think you should probably stay away from them.