Saturday, May 24, 2008

A spot of sun

Today Scott came inside to ask permission to buy a cookie from the most recent neighborhood stand. (We have A LOT of enterprising young folk around here, including my own.) It was only 5 cents, and I figured that was a good deal.

So off he went, nickel in hand to buy a cookie. Well, it was a fabulous cookie, and he sweetly brought it in to me to share a bite ("a tiny bite"). After a few minutes he returned and asked if he could buy another cookie. As I hesitated, he quickly clarified, "not for me, for someone else."

Just a bit skeptical, I asked "who?"

He just grinned and pointed at me. How could I resist. So I said okay.

A minute later he was back and handed over a big chocolate covered cookie ("with only a few tiny bites out of it"). What a charmer. I love that boy. So I shared a "big" bite with him.

And we were both happy.


Jenny and Al said...

Scottie has been saying/doing a lot of cute things lately! I hope you are keeping a good record.

Shell said...

way cute!

chelse said...

that's so sweet. i can't wait until i have little ladies men running around charming me. until then, i'll borrow him any time!