Tuesday, May 27, 2008

MaLM - Memorial Day in style

Make a list Monday - Memorial Day
1. Hang flag and flag bunting
2. Eat at neighborhood Memorial Day Breakfast complete with flag raising
3. Find a pink tree (please tell me what this tree is, I need a pink tree)

4. Meet up with family

5. Eat good food (Cafe Rio pork anyone?)
6. Take quick walk ending in a hail storm
7. Delight in a double rainbow (Did you know that Joseph Smith taught that in any year when a rainbow appears, the Second Coming of Christ will not occur? You're safe for 2008.)

8. Have lots of spirited debates
9. Stop debates to play games

10. Pray in gratitude for all those who fought with sword or pen, heart or hand for this great nation of ours.


chelse said...

well your day sounded just lovely! but kinda weird about throwing the "pink tree" thing in there all random like. kinda weird brooke. Also, love the kid pic with the shirt coming off. Not very modest, but whatever. Spiritual debates, good. Playing games, good. And very interesting about the rainbows. I knew there was a reason we keep you along ;)

ps. i love you

Julie said...

Totally missing you! Sounds like fun and we can't wait to see you. BTW, did anyone mention we are probably coming for the 4th? :) We'd love to stop in WY on the way through for some contrband!

Laura said...

I don't know what that pink tree is, but the Pink Dogwood is my personal favorite. They were everywhere when I lived in Northern Idaho. They even had a Dogwood Festival on the grounds of the college where there were tons of those beautiful pink blossoms.

LuckyMatt said...

Being the pink lover that I am, I decided I needed that pink tree. It isn't just the blossoms, the actual leaves are pink. I think I have found out that it is a tricolor beech.

Kendra said...

Fun Memorial Weekend. We had kids with the flu for ours. In Georgia we had TONS of trees everywhere like that. They were cherry blossoms. In North Idaho they were Dogwoods. I'm the furthest thing away from a green thumb, though.

Shell said...

I had a totally fun day with you and your family! I found the pink tree at the house you show. I've never seen a tree with pink leaves!