Monday, December 8, 2008

MaLM - Shopping done

Make a List Monday -- Stores I had to visit on Saturday to completely finish my Christmas shopping!

1. the mall (Children's Place,Gymboree, Bath and Body Works)
2. Big Lots
3. Roberts Crafts
4. BYU Bookstore
5. Michael's Crafts
6. Burlington Coat Factory
7. Target
8. Walmart
9. Amazon
10. Other random online stores (which I LOVE)

After 6 hours of grossness, I finally am all done. We decided to put in one day of marathon blah (and a little merry shopping), so we could enjoy the rest of the month worry free.

I do have a few stores I need to return things to, but that's all. Hope you are nearing the end.


Paige said...

Way to Go! I only got 2 hours on Saturday but I got all but one of my returns done. Unfortunately I still have a few people to buy for. But I would say I am 85% done!

Weatherspoon Family said...

Wow! You'll be able to enjoy your holidays. We are going to Idaho for Xmas this year so I've done all my shopping online to have it shipped there. Everything has been free shipping. It's been the easiest way to shop yet.

Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

I am done as well. This is my first year where I have been done before Dec. 1st. It feels great. We'll be in Idaho/Utah as well. It would be awesome if we could all meet up. I'll be in BL 15-22. Orem for Christmas morning.