Monday, December 1, 2008

MaLM - Thanks

Make a List Monday -- Giving Thanks

1. I'm thankful I feel no, well, very little, pressure to blog
2. I'm thankful that my kids stayed healthy over the holiday (sorry pukey family, hope you're better)
3. I'm thankful for planes that bring family home for the holidays
4. I'm thankful that after trying gingerbread pumpkin pie, cream cheese pumpkin pie with chocolate pieces, gingersnap pumpkin pie with brown sugar meringue, there is a delicious regular old pumpkin pie to eat (thanks Amanda).
5. I'm thankful for games to play
6. I'm thankful for old forests with new trees to be the star of my Christmas decorating.
7. I'm thankful for a father who knew how to light up a tree, and taught us all
8. I'm thankful for diapers
9. I'm thankful for sleeping babies
10. I'm thankful for love and happiness and rest