Friday, December 12, 2008

A Spot of Sun --Apple poetry

Dawn brought home a poem from school a little while back. It must have been in the early fall when it was written because she was required to put "apple" or "apple seed" in the poem. Enjoy.

It All Adds Up

An apple is like a heart,
a simple pink hear.
A heart is as love,
a simple sweet love.
And love is like a girl,
a simple sweet girl.
Who is out on a walk
and finds her heart a swirl
when she bumps into a man,
who alikens this girl.
It leads to a marriage,
a marriage quite fine,
with 28 presents and music divine.
This marriage, this marriage
do you know what it leads to?
It leads to the children
a boy and a girl too.
And it will go on,
oh yes it will
forever and ever and ever
with a big thrill.
Do you know what started it,
the leader of it all?
It started with an apple seed,
that was planted in the fall.


Paige said...

I love it! You have a super sweet girl!

Alisa said...

So Dawn actually wrote this? Tell her I love it! I am impressed!

Grandma said...

Way to go, Dawn! Great poem!