Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MaLM - Painting

Make a List Monday -- How to Paint a Tree Room

You know the book Where the Wild Things Are? Remember how that fateful night a forest grew in Max's room? Well, that happened in my basement room. Except, that night when we sailed back over a year and in and out of weeks the forest didn't disappear. So we are painting it.

This is how.

1. Empty it out (this may take weeks depending on the state of the room)
2. Choose paint colors, white, yellow, white, yellow. . .
3. Buy supplies (paint, brushes, rollers, drip clothes, tape)
4. Do NOT forget primer (you are covering a tree, remember)
5. Be surprised about how much it costs, again
6. Dust, clean up dead spiders.
7. Tape, tape and tape
8. Paint ceiling, those darn branches reach way up to the sky
9. Paint trim, those darn trees dropped their leaves or sap or something resembling green paint on the trim
10. Another coat, another coat
And coming soon...
11. Spackle, tape, primer, primer, paint, paint, whew!

Enjoy living in a forest-free room.


Jenny and Al said...

It's a good thing you guys are used to painting over large murals. I remember the big Batman in your old house that you had to paint over. :)

Julie M. said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out! :)