Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our No-Shopping Experiment -- Part 4

Our No-Shopping Experiment -- Part 4

Otherwise known as I Have to Shop so Maybe I'll Not Eat Sweets for a Month Experiment

I realized that I really don't do much extra shopping. Sure I bought new towels to replace old ones that could still function, but they were 10 years old. Sure I occasionally buy scrapbook supplies that I could do without, but I don't have a whole store's worth of supplies. So while I try to be frugal (like with my craft/exercise/guest room redo) I'm just going to shop as normal.

So, I decided to not eat sweets for one month. I will end over Presidents Day holiday weekend. Matt did join me for this one with only a few reservations, unlike the shopping experiment which he kind of sabotaged.

He only wondered

1. if bread pudding was a dessert, how about without the streusel topping
2. if he could still have honey on his toast
3. if pancakes and waffles were okay
4. If maybe date nights we could have a treat

So we are on our way. Why don't you join us?


Rob and Tonya Shallenberger said...

Rob and I had the same challenge last summer. Because we were going to be apart, we wanted to do something together. I think we did it for 3 months. I won because he slipped a bit! :0 He was in TX and I was home with my parents. I think I even had it harder because my mom loves to make treats. It was very rewarding and I loved the challenge. It really turned me away from sweets, however, the Holidays came upon us and now I love them again. I was going to do the same challenge starting Feb. but looking for someone to do it with. :)

Good Luck!

Shell said...

I'm cutting out chocolate, and that seems to make me scrounge around for something to substitute for it, such as butterscotch chips...however cutting out all sweets sounds like a wonderful idea! I will ponder this and get back to you :)