Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our No-Shopping Experiment -- Part 2

On New Year's Day, we were discussing resolutions. Matt's brother said that they had a FHE on resolutions and they all set some. One of his daughters set a goal to have 20 Daddy Daughter dates this year. I asked him how often they had "special times" (which is what they are at our house because we do dad and mom dates).

He said and I quote,

"That was her resolution, not mine!"

Well, this little shopping experiment is turning out like that.

I discussed it with Matt. He listened without much comment but the heaviness in the air that meant he was not wholly on board. So I asked what he thought.

In a nutshell, he thinks it's great if it doesn't affect him. He pointed out that

1. He's been purposefully waiting until after Christmas to buy new fish and a tank heater

2. He's still having dates and going out to eat.

3. We were planning on organizing our craft/exercise/future guest room and he's ready to do it now.

4. If we are just putting it off until February, what's the point.

5. If we can get stuff on sale now, why wait until February (or next Christmas season) to buy it at full price.

6. If I don't buy any house decor or scrapbook stuff, he thinks it's a great idea.

So our experiment is not going well.

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Shell said...

I think not buying things you/I/anyone doesn't "need" is an excellent idea. One problem I've noticed is whenever I try and then finally do go shopping at, say tia pan, I know I have all this money saved up in the decorating part of the budget and I spend it all happily, which one could say is NOT really a problem. I really do need to decorate my house. Isn't having a budget kind of like avoiding waste?

I tend to think that since this lady who had this brilliant idea of not buying anything for a whole year has three houses,probably already has everything under the sun and thus not buying anything other than needs probably works great for her.

AND as President U. said, women are creators, and I really need to create something other than children right now!