Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The dreaded skeletal curse

Apparently we have it! Since summer vacation started, not just one, but TWO neighbor kids have broken arms at our house.

The first was several weeks ago. We moved a bunch of rocks from our neighbors side yard to a pile in front of our yard in preparation for getting cement. A neighbor boy was riding his bike over them and fell. Snap, one nice straight arm down the drain.

The second was yesterday. Dawn and a friend were playing outside. I heard screaming and kids running in. In came the friend with a very obviously recently-bent-where-Heaven-never-meant arm. We took her home, brought back two of her brothers and she returned a few hours later with a nice pre-cast splint.

Oh dear, what have I done to deserve this? And even more frightening, who is next?

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Lindsay said...

Well, if you had told me your house was cursed, I would never have sent my daughter over to play! Any other curses we need to know about?

All is well anyhow. Emma is excited about having a cast that everyone can sign. I hope it works out that way.