Friday, June 1, 2007

I was SO right

1. check
2. nope
3. big time oh yeah! (one day later, that would be today)
4. nope, settled for grilled salmon after a failed attempt at Tucanos ended at Macaroni Grill
5. check, I'll post 'em when I get 'em
6. check, see #4
7. check

9. again, I rescheduled this to today and big checko!
10. check
11. check
12. not a chance
13. the biggest mistake of the day, that would be a nope
14. well, just before Matt got home, the cement layer dudes called to say they were finally going to arrive to give us a quote, before they arrived we got a call to ask us if we remembered the dress rehearsal for the girls' dance recital, uh, no, or we'd be there. The girls dressed quickly while I talked to the cement guys. Matt pulled up just in time to finish with the cement men while I whisked the girls away to dance for rehearsal AND pictures. If my girls weren't so cute all by them selves, I'd be worried to even look at those messy hair, rumpled clothes, dirty tights, not make-uped girls. Oh, did I mention that just 10 minutes before all that happened we just pulled in from SL and getting the boys pictures taken. Whew. So the short answer is NO.
15. That depends.

PS Today I am NOT going to sort and put away the out grown clothes in all 4 of the kids collections.


wrightlaura said...

Wow! That cake looks so delicious! I wish I was eating a piece right now. Any chance you might post the recipe?

And your girls are so adorable!

Julie M. said...

Um yeah, I second the recipe! :) Happy Birthday Matt-o, and I hope your dance recital goes well!!

Brooke said...

Oh thanks! It is nothing too hard. It is just a regular fudgy chocolatey cake mix. Then you layer whipped cream and cherry pie filling in the middle, frost with the whipped cream and top with cherry filling. It is good, but children don't seem to like it. The second night none of our kids ate it again.