Thursday, May 31, 2007

Today I am NOT going to. . .

. . .get everything done!

1. Make a black forest cake
2. Call Maui car reservations
3. Clean up the kitchen and 2 weeks of neglected paper work
4. Make a fabulous lasagna dinner
5. Get the boys pictures taken with Grandma C.
6. Pay Dawn's $7 overdue lunch money bill
7. Take kids to school early at 8:00 and pick up at 9:30 (what a day)
8. Go out to eat with the birthday boy
9. Send Paige's late b-day present
10. Water the plants
11. Wash some undies
12. Put away folded clothes
13. Make a card for Matt
14. Orchestrate a party for my hubby complete with the above mentioned things as well as many homemade cards, decorations and treats by the kids
15. Stop blogging and get on with it

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