Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mothers' Day

We had a wonderful Mothers' Day yesterday. Maybe it was a bit like yours. Scott accidentally on purpose spilled the beans about the surprise breakfast in bed. So I knew I was expected to stay asleep in bed until breakfast arrived. I woke up about 7:20, 20 minutes after the start of the preparations. Hearing the sqeals and protests of the kids told me things were progressing quite nicely. So I dozed back off. About 7:45 I was up for good. I stayed faithfully in bed waiting for the tray of delishiousness and love to come. This worked fairly well until baby Andrew found his way to my door (for the second time really) and pounded on it, crying, and yelling ma ma ma ma ma! It was all I could do to resist him. But I succeeded in waiting. The tray came in covered in cards, pictures, juice and fresh strawberry crepeps. Yum, and I mean yum. After a bit or two, we all moved into the kitchen because let's face it, a glass full of juice, stacks of paper, whipped cream and excited jumping kids do not equal anything good.

I also got a lot of sweet prayers. Scott started it off. Matt prompted him to thank Heavenly Father for our mom. Scott prayed "Bless mommy to be thankful". I am, for such sweet kids and husband. Rachel included in her prayer a little later to help all the kids "not get out too much toys and stuff." And they didn't, so I was even more thankful.

Matt gave a lovely talk in Sacarament meeting which I will post a little later. We had Matt's parents at our home for the day and his siblings joined us for dinner at 5. We had a great meal (lucious crock pot chicken and the yummiest carrot cake of all time prepared by the ninja husband, Matt) and great talks.

The whole day was wonderful, in fact, nie unto perfect! I love being a mother. I love nurturing my sweet children and raising them (and my husband). What a great privelage to be a mother. Thank the heavens I am one!

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