Thursday, May 24, 2007

So here's how it went down.

What I really wanted and didn't get. You can't see the top well, but it is divided into sections to put collections and doo dads in. How cute with baskets underneath!

We dropped Rachel off at 9:10 at school and set off for Ikea. The roads around Ikea were all policed and blocked off. Out of the 5 lanes on the road right by it, 3 were set up to go to Ikea, one was empty and one was being parked it. That is where I was directed. We parked, walked past the extra parking lot/fields, past the real parking lot, around the building where we found the end of the line. I got in line about 9:50. It was pretty quick and we never really stopped walking. As we got around to the front, we were greeted with free Ikea waterbottles and frisbees. We almost, well, we did actually miss the frisbees and Scott started crying. We found another cute-Swedish dressed girl who was giving them out, so I urged Scott forward, but he was too shy amidst all the pushy adults. So she ran out. So he cried. So a nice lady gave him hers. Thank goodness for good people out there willing to quell a few tears by giving up their freebees.

We got in the store about 10:10 or so. We were greeted by lots of blue and yellow smiling folks banging plastic balloon thingys together. We ran through the tunnel of people to emerge on the escalator (one of Scott's highlights of the day). It was so crowed that I was glad I'd already been to one to know what it was like. We didn't bring our stroller because I knew there were carts, however, there weren't any upstairs and so I carried Andrew and drug Scott along with promises of a cart downstairs. Ikea is like a maze that guides you through the whole store, each section, so as to not miss anything. Well, Scott was unhappy and it was SO croweded, we tried to sneak around people until we could find the stairs and get down to the carts! We made it and found just what we wanted, the cute plates, dancer figures, and a cool beach picture and frame. The checkout lanes weren't too long, but fairly slow. We made it out by 11:15 or so. Then we treated ourselves to a frozen yogurt and cinnamon bun at the exit.

It turned out pretty fun, crazy and not too inspiring. If you want to really see the inspiring Ikea, I'd wait for the frenzy to die down. Or go have fun in the craze and go back later for a more meaningful experience. That's what I'm planning on doing!

***Matt, don't read this, it is a surprise/secret/spoiler****

I mean it honey.

As a side note, today I went to Tai Pan and was WAY more beguiled by the things there and spent WAY more money than at Ikea. What fun! (Okay, so it won't spoil any secrets for you, just for me!:)

PS Today I will NOT start a new book. I need a little time to get my house in order. I just finished Wuthering Heights. We'll discuss later.


Lindsay said...

I've heard of Tai Pan. Where is it? I'm hoping to really revamp my house this summer so I need good spots to shop.

PM said...

Hey what happened to girls weekend? J/K I am glad it was fun. What did you get at Tai Pan?

Brooke said...

Tai Pan is on 90th South, just a block west of the freeway. I really love it. I don't always find things that I need, but often I do. They have cheap dishes, lots of silk plants and flowers, baskets and pots, and seasonal decor. During Christmas the whole middle part is filled with Christmas trees in all different kinds of themes. It is really fun to see.

I got several apothocary jars (fancey glass jars), some candle sticks (really cheap cute glass ones for $2 each and big beefy ones for my future patio furniture with a matching pot), a cute watering can, a pot for my orchid, a bird feeder dish and some other odds and ends.

If anyone ever wants to go, I'm a great guide!

PS Paige, I can't believe you were up to getting on the computer, let alone commenting:). I wish you days and days of good natured stomach action!