Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The princess and the post

Once there was a very sweet girl. She was so sweet that very early in her life she entranced a sweet boy, and they were married. They did not live in a castle home, but their home was their castle.

One day the sweet boy decided to take the sweet girl on a trip to see fantastic sites of red and orange with skies of blue. They couldn't bring their home with them, but the boy didn't want the sweet girl to have to sleep on the hard ground. So he took a trailer for her to sleep in. And she was grateful.

They saw many sites, walked long and at last settled in for a long rest. The sweet girl was so tired. She laid down and closed her eyes. But she couldn't sleep. She turned over and still couldn't sleep. She wiggled around and tried to get comfortable, but she couldn't. Finally sleep came is short naps, in and out of dreams.

In the morning, she awoke for good. She rose and thought to herself "Sweet boy is so sweet to bring this trailer for me to sleep in. But this trailer is not very comfortable. I wonder why." She lifted the cushion and to her amazement, she found two small, quite large, in fact, metal bars. "Oh dear," said sweet girl. "Sweet boy forgot to put the trailer bars in."

The sweet boy was so sorry. But it was through this long night that the girl and the boy realized she was in fact a princess for she felt the small bars through the soft cushion. So the girl was a princess and the boy was a prince, and they returned to their home which really was a castle after all.


Rochelle said...

Congratulations on such a great marriage Brooke! I recognize your sweet story for the true one that it is! Hope you guys have a wonderful time in HAWAII !!!

Alisa said...

Hahaha. I loved this story. Sorry you had such a rough night's sleep!

Julie M. said...

You are hilarious! It's like the princess and the pea :) I hope you sleep well in your castle!