Thursday, May 10, 2007

Springville Museum of Art

Delish spinach and beef salad, scrumptious cheesecakes, hot and sweaty dancing to a live band, fine performing arts all in the shadow of great new art from Utah artists. What a fabulous anniversary. The Art Ball at the Springville Museum of Art is a annual event celebrating art. What a fabulous night!

My friend, Amy Hintze, entered a drawing and was accepted to the show. So we decided that we would spend a lovely night and go see her work. It was awesome. Her picture was lovely in person. There were so many beautiful pieces there. My favorite piece was actually a statue that is part of their permanent collection.
It is by Avard Tennyson Fairbanks. He has also done many church statues you may have seen. It is nude, which I generally don't endorse, but don't catagorically deny either. This figure was beautiful. It was touching. I'm sure I wouldn't have understood it before I had given birth and nursed my own four children. It is a sacred feeling for me. It connects me to God, we nourish a spirit together. This figure embodied that feeling for me. I loved it. You should check it out next time you are near Springville, Utah. I mean it.

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