Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Cool apartments

I found this cool apartment at www.apartmenttherapy.com in a contest for the coolest small apartment here.

I would miss color too much to do this, but I thought it was so well put together and nice. What exactly is it do you think?

I also like this one.

It was a little spare and modern for me, but softer than the first, which I like.

What do you think of them? What lessons can we use from them? I think I love the light in the second one. But it's a little hard to add windows.

P.S. Today I am NOT going to call any Primary teachers. It will have to wait until tomorrow.


Rochelle said...

The first thing i saw when i looked at the black and white apartment was that the window treatment looks almost exactly like the current one my home in Lindon, and that i could make it way cooler than it looks right now by doing that, than i thought about how expensive it would be to have to buy all the decorations...so i talked myself out of doing it. The one thing I really liked about it were the architectual moldings and the general layout of the room was really pretty and pulled together. The other room besides the softness of the light, didn't really appeal to me because the modern fifties? flair of the chairs and table :) However it looked more like an apartment that was liveable and functional.b

Rochelle said...

OOpps that comment was posted before i reread and revised it.

Alisa said...

I loved the post, Brooke. It reminds me of the time I've been spending pouring over the Ikea catalog one of my coworkers brought (May 24th is opening day!).

I think they look nice because they're clean and uncluttered. Just the essential stuff.

I posted an answer to a comment you left on my blog, but I thought you might like it here:

I use Google Video to host my videos. That way I can keep them private/unlisted. From there you can get the HTML code to embed into your blog. However, Google Video and Blogger are not integrating correctly, and you need to make sure that the full ID of the video you are posting is making it all the way to your published blog. Usually this takes several attempts. Good luck!

Julie M. said...

I totally agree with Alisa, that they are uncluttered and pretty much look like they are not lived in! Also, they both have some great focal points, and draw your eye to those. Thus keeping your eyes away from any clutter (if that was ever going to be a problem!) Like the first one, has the awesome rug! The second one has a couple of focal points, the chairs, the lamp and that picture. I love the muted color in the first one, it would be easy to add a pop of color, and easy to change it!

By the way, Alisa, I'm totally excited for Ikea. Brooke, did I tell you I'm wanting to come down?!

Brooke said...

No, you didn't. The last I heard you were swearing it off on the grounds of the move and other trivial things like law school tuition! But I'm glad you want to come. I can't wait!