Friday, May 4, 2007

Screaming for attention

I know a wife who will quietly and cutely meow to her husband when she wants to get some attention. I'm sure it started out as a kind of joke, but it stuck. I know other women who wink at their husbands or rub their backs. I just scream.

It happened again last night. We were eating dinner and I was being slain. The kids were just so not-tired and showing it. I was just so tired and showing it. So I screamed. It got Matt's attention, just like it always does, but it didn't really change much. I think he tried to help more kids with dinner. But it certainly didn't stop the source of my slain-ed-ness.

A minute or two later I was still near-death. I closed my eyes and tried to will some energy to infuse my limp body. This is what I heard.
Dawn: Look I'm sitting down, I'm sitting down Mom. I'm sitting down, I'm sitting down. Mom! I'm sitting down. On and on and on.
Rachel: It's July 26th. Today is July 26th. It is July 26th. On and on and on.
Scott: see Dawn (Mom, I'm sitting down. I'm sitting down. On and on and on.)
Andrew: UuuUuuUuuuUUuUuuuuUuuu (as he bounced around on his somewhat wobbly steps.

I started laughing. Matt looked at me and started listening to it all also. We both just laughed. And so our kids knew they were funny, so they did their aforementioned parts even louder with giggling mixed in. But eventually they quieted down a little (after the tiniest bit of instruction) and we were all happy, even if we were noisy and crazy and busy and wild and slain.

Maybe I'll try laughing for attention for a change---if I don't forget.

P.S. Today I will NOT make lunch for my kids. I will be on a fabulous and cold field trip with my darling Dawn. Thanks Mom C

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