Tuesday, May 22, 2007

And they're off!

Off to the races. Fast cars, fast women (no, just Brooke, Julie and Shayla, all studly awesome women) and lots of fun. Who would've guessed?


Lindsay said...

You must explain. Were you driving?

Love the picture of Scott.

Brooke said...

No, no! We went to the Miller Sports Park in Tooele on Saturday. My brothers are WAY into cars and we decided to join them. The races are national/international races with broadcasts on XM satellite by some British sounding guy.

I guess I just didn't know how much fun I'd have. I'm not totally into cars and all, but I really had a great time. It was really fun.

Lindsay said...

I am just an idiot for being confused? I just didn't see you in any pictures. And well...you never know. Thanks for clearing that up.