Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mormon documentary

Well what did you think? I thought it was okay. I was disappointed on the disporportionate number of comments shown by non-Mormons to Mormons. They focused a lot on the horrifics of the Mountain Meadow Massacre (and I am not denying it was bad) and relatively little on the horrors of the killing, raping, driving out of the early Mormons. That was disappointing.

And how about that psychadelic picture of the angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith? I will be watching again tonight and hoping for better.

PS Today I will NOT mop, again. I'm still putting it off. I will try to sweep however.


PM said...

I agree with you. The overall feeling seemed a little dark hopefully tonight will be better.

Alisa said...

I had a little different take on it. I appreciated the Moutain Meadows coverage b/c I thought it explained the context, how high emotions were, how mistakes like that can be made in that type of situation, etc.

I too thought some of the art representing very Mormon events was strange to use so prominently, especially since I'd never seen it before.

Brooke said...

I really liked Elder Oaks response on the matter. It was so heart-felt.

Glenda said...

I also thought the first night was very dark. It seemed so out of context with the brilliant light that I associate with the first vision.

Rochelle said...

I agree with Alisa on how they at least did explain the high emotions that led up to the awful event. I do not like the fact that they didn't present any other view points like the one where the people from the town sent a currier to Salt lake and B. Young sent one back saying that on no condition should they touch those people. (mike told me that, and i'm not sure where he got that resource)

Another thing I disliked is that they spent so much time on that segment, but barely touched on the awful things that happened to the Mormons, how many times we were shot at and threatened and why not have a glorious quote about the trail of blood left in the snow by the freezing children and women? One of the Ladies talked about how we just loved feeling persecuted and taken advantage of and it solidified our faith....

The second segment was better done. One of the other things i disliked was the lack of church art, which is so beautiful of Joseph Smith, the angels, whatever else. And their use of identifying their sources such as "author" or "journalist" was really pitiful in explaining their credentials as to how they knew anything about the church.

I really appreciated the way they handled the two stories of the people who were excommunicated. that was well done. But the eerie music playing when they talked about some very spiritrual topics was really lame!!!